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We know that our excellent online presence play the key role in every organizational growth and success. It is very important that…

Web Design & Development

We help build brands website and provide state-of-the-art, business-oriented solutions that drive online sales results!

SEO Management

InfixNode creates targeted SEO strategies, which maximize your website’s visitor potential.


We Build Strategies focused on increasing the reach & visibility of your Brand or Business in online world..!

Security and Maintenance

Real-time Protection from latest threats with our Smart Firewall. Break the Malware, Not Your Website..!

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We are having a vast experience in designing the ultimate and eye-catching websites.

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Our Work Flow

Web Design Process

Our logical approach is a key solution. We follow a very effective & result-driven approach to take your business on the path of success.

Research and Discover

We have named this stage the prerequisite because of its importance. If the project details are not clear at this early stage, then there can be no proper planning. This might lead to missing the ultimate goal of the website or cause changes that might result in an extended timeline and budget.


Of what use will the site be? Will it give information, simply sell a product, provide a service, or promote it? .

Target Audience

This factor will determine the choice of design and style for the website.

Planning for Design Stage

Planning is the stage of choosing the technology stack and software development methodology, defining the deliverables, and estimating the timeline and resources to complete the project.


Other sensitive decisions include creating the content structure and sitemap, wireframing, planning the layout, including UI and UX design.

You should consider that deciding on a sitemap during the planning stage is fundamental for the whole project. It involves organizing the structure of the website, how many pages and functions will be connected based on their importance, and what content and functionality must be rolled out with the first release.

Creative , Innovative Designing

After the creation of a sitemap, developing wireframes, and planning a roadmap, it’s time to lay hands on the website design. This is where the creative UI designers come in, working by the approval of the client and the needs of the project. The wireframes are transformed into typography, color graphics, animations, buttons, menus, and much more.


The target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration for the design. The design spells out how unique a website can be, and it is a factor for enjoyable user experience. To create a good impression on a user, the web design must be fascinating.


There has to be a form of branding that relates to the purpose of the site. The blend of colors chosen for a website surely drives the user experience.

Frontend Development

This is the development of the client-side part of the website to interact with the users. The designs initially made in the early stages are transformed into special animations and effects. Functions are subsequently integrated based on the choice of technologies and tools. The developers ensure responsive and friendly use of the site irrespective of the device.

Backend Development

The backend is the interaction of the user-side and the server-side, interfacing the whole website. It is more like the engine room. The code at the backend is responsible for the server-side, database, integration of business logic, and so on depending on the purpose of the website.

Testing and Deployment

Just before you deploy the website to a server after the development, there should be a sequence of rigorous, meticulous, and repeated tests to prove the elimination of bugs. The quality assurance team tests for functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, and so on. You must have a well functioning site.


Everything must run smoothly without a glitch. The development team must test all the scripts, ensuring that the site loads and displays perfectly on all devices and platforms. The importance here is to prove that the website is market-ready and can be released. Comprehensive testing reveals future improvements that can be made to upgrade the website.


Lastly, depending on the use of the website, a development team may need to include some fine-tuning details. This is to optimize its functionality and performance. This final touch might include plugin installations, on-page Search Engine Optimization, and page speed optimization.

Promotion & Digital Marketing

We will help you concept, plan and execute a best-in-class digital promotion or digital marketing campaign to reach, inform, engage, reward and convert your target consumers either as a stand-alone execution or as part of a broader shopper, instore or on-pack sales promotion.

Website Maintenance

There is still more to be done after deploying a website. Website maintenance, general updates, or even adding new features are unavoidable and might be called for. This can be facilitated by collecting feedback from the end-users of the website.

The essence of maintenance as the final stage is to continually support and enhance your project. At the same time, it will put your mind at ease that you are not left alone even after the project has been handed over.

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InfixNode is the best web designing company in Coimbatore with expert team members. Our developer team specialized in web designing, eCommerce website designing , SEO Optimization, and Digital Marketing services.

Web Development
SEO Management
Digital Marketing

Latest Technology

We’re a team skilled with latest web technologies to develop & integrate with edge performance Website.

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We're specialized in providing Dedicated support for website maintenance service.

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Our imaginative team will create a tailor-made strategy to improve your Business online presence.

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Our Dedicated Design Teams are creative professional who craft compelling web design.

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